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COVISTOP Q (quadro) is an impermeable protection system, made with a plexiglass panel cut out by laser, designed and produced with the aim of shielding workers operating closely with the public.

During a verbal exchange, a sneeze or a cough, it often happens that there may be accidental emission of saliva particles from the oral cavity with the result of compromising verbal communication or creating unfavorable conditions to the maintenance of health.

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COVISTOP (Control and Surveillance Strategies for Operator Health) Q Model – is an impermeable protection system designed and produced with the aim of shielding workers operating closely with the public.

COVISTOP is produced in PMMA, more frequently known as plexiglass. The material is unbreakable, 100% recyclable and has excellent mechanical features that guarantee a high result in impact resistance. It is easy to clean because it consists of a single slab of PMMA and its maintenance can be carried out through the use of non-abrasive cloths and antistatic detergents, easily obtainable at the super-market.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

1000 mm b x 700 mm h
Thickness: 5 mm
Depth: 300 mm

The dimensions may change slightly; further modifications and customizations are possible upon request

How to use

– Remove the film on both sides of the three pieces included in the box
– Install the two base legs into the designated slots of the panel
– Place it on the desk / counter between the operator and the customer

Maintenance: cleaning and sterilization

A good cleaning product for plexiglass should not contain aggressive substances such as alcohol, bleach or similar. The use of these substances would cause small cracks inside the material that over time would extend to the entire surface ruining it.

Use standard antistatic sanitary detergents. Spray a small amount of this detergent on a non-abrasive cloth and pass it over the surface. The antistatic effect of the detergent is very useful to prevent dust from being attracted by the electrostatic charges that are generated during the rub.


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